Call of Cthulhu LCG Regionals 2011

Okay, so this isn’t RP-related, but I did have the chance to stop by Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD to participate in the Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game 2011 Regional Championship. I came in last, which equates to 6th out of 6. Even so, I had a great time, got some awesome swag, and learned a lot. Not a bad experience for my first real game of CoC, if I do say so myself.

More on that later. It’s late, and I need to be going to bed. I just wanted to post my deck list here for reference:

Characters (23)

3x Ferocious Dark Young (Yuggoth Contract F13)
2x Hungry Dark Young (Core F131)
2x Priestess of Bubastis (Core F123)
1x Shub-Niggurath (Core F121)
2x Small Ghouls (Core F127)
2x Twilight Cannibal (Dreamlands F13)
2x Y’Golonac (Core 122)
2x Byakhee Servant (Core 88)
1x Erich Zann (Summons of the Deep F10)
1x The Thing Behind You (Summons of the Deep F110)
2x Victoria Glasser (Core F82)
3x Julia Brown (Summons of the Deep F17)

Support (9)
3x Snow Graves (Forgotten Lore F98)
3x Infernal Obsession (Summons of the Deep F51)
3x Parallel Universe (Summons of the Deep F98)

Events (18)
2x Bred to Survive (Core F139)
2x Burrowing Beneath (Core F137)
2x Shocking Transformation (Core F140)
2x Agoraphobia (Core F96)
2x Power Drain (Core F100)
2x Scotophobia (Core F97)
3x White Out (Forgotten Lore F90)
3x Hypothermia (Forgotten Lore F97)

How NOT to Perform Skill Checks

Me: I listen at the door.

GM: Make a Perception check.

Me: Okay. 19, does that work?

GM: Yes. You can clearly make out voices on the other side.

Me: Can I make out what they’re talking about?

GM: Roll a Perception check.

Me: Uh… 8?

GM: You aren’t sure.

Me: I want to crack the door open.

GM: Stealth check.

Me: 17.

GM: You do it.

Me: Can I hear them now?

GM: Perception check.

ad nauseam.

One of the great things about Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel (just recently out of print, alas) is the concept of “Let it Ride.” In other words, in any given scene you make a single check for a given ability and—barring any substantial change in circumstance or purpose—use that same result for the entire scene. This saves time, and saves players the trouble of GMs who just keep calling for skill checks until you (inevitably) fail.

This should exist for all RPGs.