Dark Sun

I’ve kicked off a 4E Dark Sun campaign, which my friends have been wanting to try out. I find I am not as well-versed in the setting as I once was, so I’m hitting the books again. Despite that, the first session went rather well. Here is the handout I provided:

The Story So Far…

Perhaps it was months ago, perhaps years. In any case, Darzus owed you a favor. A big one. Not long ago a message arrived for you, promising to make good on the deal. He told you all to meet him in Kresus, a small town in the shadows of the Crescent Forest.

The last thing you recall before a defiler melted the trees, blotted out the light, and you found yourself in a slaver’s caravan, is the damned elf’s laughter.

Of course, things could always get worse. Like the marauding band of gnolls who attacked last night, slaughtering most of the caravan and making off with the supplies. You survived, somehow, but that could be only temporary. It’s only a few hours before dawn, the nearest settlement is three days away, and you’ve probably got a better chance of stumbling upon a steel-stocked armory than making it out here.

Just another day on Athas.

Character Building

You can’t be a divine class. The gods can’t hear you.

No templars, and if you’re a sorcerer you can’t have the Sorcerer-King Bloodline. Athas may be a harsh terrain-eat-you kind of world, but we’re going to pretend you’ve got some scrap of decency in you.

You will roll for a random wild talent. If you get the same one as another player, you may choose to reroll. You may also offer to trade someone for theirs. Otherwise, you’re stuck. Life isn’t fair.

Answer the following questions:
1. What did you do for Darzus?
2. What do you want?
3. What are you most afraid of?
4. How did you survive the attack?


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