My First Solo Monster

So, it’s been ages since Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition came out, and I’m finally running a fairly regular Dark Sun campaign. I’ve yet to make any significant, mechanically-intensive creations for it, however.

Today that has changed! Last time the party faced off against an intimidating thri-kreen warrior who burned down the home of Kalia, an elven healer they’ve been assisting in the dagadas outside Gulg. I needed to stat him up, and as he is something of a raging badass I’ve made him a solo.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Drik-chkit:

If you’ve seen other thri-kreen monsters, he has a lot in common with them. He’s my first creation, after all, so I leaned heavily on what was already out there. Blackout I threw in because during the non-combat encounter he knocked out the party’s wizard for dramatic effect (the wizard wouldn’t be quiet). I wanted to have that same kind of experience in combat.

Head Games isn’t a teleportation power because the idea is that he simply wasn’t there in the first place. He still takes damage, though, because I don’t want the combat to last forever.

Overall he’s hardly a publishable monster, but I like him and we’ll see how he shapes up in the session today.


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