Ye Game Bros

My friend Adam is working on developing a basic RP game for use by his home group. It is his first foray into design, which is always pretty awesome in my book. One thing the RP community on Twitter has really done for me is gotten me thinking about designing something of my own. I’m still not there yet, but people like Adam are definitely inspiring me to jump in!

Anyway, his system is still in the works, but I have already created my first character: Darius Rosthorn. He is an old, memorable D&D character of mine, and one of the test characters I always use when sussing out a fantasy RPG.

 STR - 4
 STA - 4
 DEX - 7
 INT - 7
 PER - 6
 Acrobatics: 3 
 Arcane: 3
 Convince: 1
 Deceive: 1
 Determination: 2
 Knowledge: 3
 Riposte: 2
 Weapon Proficiency: Sword

Darius was originally envisioned as a male Lina Inverse, if you are familiar with the Slayers anime. Swift, tumbly, knowledgable about the arcane, and incredibly self-centered. He evolved quite a bit from those origins as play went on, but I always stat my test characters up with him in mind.


One thought on “Ye Game Bros

  1. I suppose I should probably add a bit of insight into how the game would work once its finished. The vast majority of rolls are made by rolling a d10 and adding any relevant modifiers (So, in the case of an Arcane roll for Darius, it'd be 1d10+his Intelligence score+his Arcane score; 1d10+10). This would be compared against a number set by the DM in some situations (such as attempting to chill a beverage) or against an opposed roll if you're trying to affect or attack another creature.

    Mostly, the system is built around a very simple method of rolling and a sense of intuition in how things work. Hopefully, I'll have it finished fairly soon. Then comes testing. So much testing.

    I'll have a real name for the game eventually.

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