Tides of Tymarre

From 2003 to 2004 I lived in a dormitory in Japan. During that time I discovered that many of the students in our international group were all closet D&D players. We tracked down some dice (the one thing I’d forgotten to bring along) and got to it.

I whipped up a campaign world I called the Tides of Tymarre. Tymarre was an archipelago settled by a half-elven explorer named Rhys Cristaire, which had once been home to a Mesoamerican-inspired group of lizardmen (yeah yeah). However, even as Cristaire landed his ships, it had long since been abandoned. So, some 200 years passed, and various factions arose on the islands. The largest island was home to the crystal city of Cyrais.

These are some notes I found from before the first session, where I set up the initial scenario and made a few notes as to the greater story arc that was going on. It’s a bit disjointed, but there you go. Join me after the cut.

On one of their excursions, the party was ambushed and overpowered by sahuagin. They have been in their custody for little under a week. During their imprisonment, the party has been mistreated and severely malnourished. There were a few other prisoners as well, though some have been taken by the sahuagin for gods-know-what. Two days ago, one of the prisoners tried to fight his way out—and failed. The sahuagin mounted him on a pike for his trouble, and chose two other prisoners for the same fate, to make sure the point got across.

Malnourishment: 4 Fortitude saves (DC 10, 11, 12, 13) or 1d6 nonlethal damage; +2 bonus because there has been some food

Failed Revolt: Will save (DC 12) or -1 morale penalty on attack rolls for 1 week.

  • There has been a silver shortage in Seshmyr due to a plague that ran amongst the island’s main supplier around a month ago.
  • Jason Larkent, a respected noble in town, is away on business after his home was recently robbed.
  • A werewolf is wreaking havoc by night in wolf form.
  • An opera singer, Alaine Dutheras, is visiting from Cyrais, where a grand opera will occur in two weeks. Bandits will try to abduct her. She is an aasimar.
  • Larkent is actually an evil wizard, and is gathering information on the Library of Gorath-Narthel, a hidden place filled with tomes of evil, most notably the Agrippa.
  • Larkent has also decided on a use for Alaine’s blood, and needs to kidnap her. He has hired Giles de Mornay, a cruel pirate, to do this. De Mornay has in turn contracted an unscrupulous merchant in Darkport to kidnap her, but the merchant is unaware of the greater scheme.

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