Dark Happenings in Darkport

Continuing on from last night, here are some notes for my campaign in Tymarre, which I titled Dark Happenings in Darkport. There are some crossed out sections, which I have included for completeness’ sake. We were playing Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 at the time, which had only been out about a year.

The continuity between this and some of my later notes is a bit fuzzy. I have two parts titled Dark Happenings, and this one is marked “ORIGINAL” in large letters, so I can only surmise that something happened along the way. I wish I could remember. I recall there was another town, Almand, which I don’t see in my notes, so it is possible I merely relocated the adventure.

Sadly I don’t have notes for the entire campaign, either, just the first few bits. Such is the way of things!

The Situation

The latest rumors in Darkport would have one believing the town guard was holding off an undead invasion. This isn’t precisely true, but there are currently problems at the town cemetery. It takes a Gather Information check (DC 13) to get a real synopsis of the situation from a patron at Vain Robert’s Gibbet.

Some time within the past week, the cemetery’s caretaker didn’t arrive at home one evening. His wife went to search for him the next day, and found him—or rather, found his corpse… walking. There were a few others like him, and they chased her out of the cemetery. She reported this to the town guard, and they sent five armed guards in to investigate. None returned, and now they too are walking corpses. However, no one outside the cemetery has been attacked.

The town guard now keeps watch at the cemetery gates just in case, but the captain fears losing more men and so hasn’t sent anyone else in to investigate. Just two days ago, a cleric of Radamar—god of justice and valor—went into the cemetery with his companion, a warrior of some sort. They seemed to fare well against the undead and made it far into the cemetery, but they did not come back out. The town guard is now very worried.

What the Townsfolk Don’t Know

A cleric of Nerull is within a labyrinth beneath one of the mausoleums, searching for a component to a strange device that will further the cause of his terrible deity. He is the cause of the undead. They are told to guard the cemetery against intruders, which is why they haven’t attacked anyone outside.

The priest of Radamar and his companion were fairly successful at getting through the undead, but they were ambushed by living companions of the dark priest. The warrior was slain, but the cleric is held captive. Nerull’s priest intends to sacrifice him in threeis holding him to test the strange item when he finds it.

The item in question is actually a book (Nerull’s cleric doesn’t know this, believing it to be a weapon of some sort). This book details at length the path to finding the Black Grail (Book of Eldritch Might II). However, it is written in Infernal, and a strange version of it at that (DC 25 Decipher Script).

Matthias Reddington (Male human Ftr 5): Captain of the Darkport City Guard. He is a stern middle-aged man, although clearly he is under a great deal of stress given recent events. He wants to solve this problem but is reluctant to allow anyone else in the cemetery, considering how the last attempts have horribly failed and he does not want to risk any more lives.

Jeremiah Grayson (Male human Com 2): The caretaker of Darkport’s cemetery, now deceased, he was thirty-two, and his family had been taking care of the graveyard for three generations now. He has a son, Stephen, who is eleven now.

Sarah Grayson (Female human Com 1): Jeremiah’s wife. She is understandably upset over the horrible fate of her husband, and now possesses a phobia of the undead. She is hard-put to explain what has happened to her son, Stephen.


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