Expedition Beta is here at last!

Two days ago my friend Dennis Santana (aka Wyatt Salazar) posted the most recent version of Expedition, which I’ve spoken about previously on this blog.

I’m still in the middle of reading it, but in short, it’s damn good and looks like a lot of fun. He’s really streamlined it into something impressive, with conflicts being simpler to resolve and yet more rewarding, and he’s done a lot of good work on the Research phase. It’s come quite a ways since the Alpha playtest.

I’m glad that the Oblate is still in, as it was my favorite template, and he’s added a new one: the Villager, which is neat.

I will definitely write more about it here in the coming days once I’ve had a chance to look over it some more, and will try to get a playtest session together. In the meantime, you should download it, read it, play it, and give him some feedback!