Expedition – My First Character

So, I went ahead and created a character for Expedition. Here he is! I haven’t really picked equipment for him yet, but suffice it to say he will at the very least have a sword. If you are wondering about any rules, well, download the game and check it out; it’s free, after all!

Name: Darius Rosthorn
Template: Mage

Skill Potentials

Darius has always been active and limber in spite of his arcane studies.
Confers a bonus to tests involving tumbling.

Rough Around the Edges
Before he apprenticed, the young wizard-to-be didn’t have it so easy.
Provides a bonus to social rolls in the poorer parts of town.

Reluctant Leader
Sometimes people just listen to him.
Gives a bonus to tests to convince others to undertake a given course of action.

Defining Potential

Darius readily took to the obscure formulae and incantations of magic.
Darius gets a bonus to any test performing, learning, deciphering, or investigating ritual magic.

Quirk Potentials

Damned Scion
“You cannot escape destiny, Darius. It flows through your blood.”
Darius can always sense the taint of demonic powers, and can understand the language of demons.

Light Sleeper
“Sometimes I truly wonder if you shut your eyes at all.”
It is difficult to surprise Darius while he is sleeping, as he seems to be preternaturally alert. Interestingly this heightened alertness doesn’t carry over into his waking hours.



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