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Ryuutama is a Japanese role-playing game that focuses on a group of companions travelling through various landscapes, encountering strange and fantastic places, and forging connections with others. There is combat, but it is not the main point of the game, nor is the traditional dungeon-delve of many adventuring RPGs.

As it happens, I know some Japanese, and I am working on a translation of the freely-available Player Summary. It is not a complete rules set, unfortunately, but it offers some insight into Ryuutama‘s systems and goals. Below, I’ve included a (rough) translation of the Minstrel, one of the seven classes in the game. The other classes include the Merchant, Healer, Hunter, Craftsperson, Farmer, and Noble.

I hope you enjoy! The details are after the cut!


Minstrels earn their living wandering from place to place, and have learned how to reduce fatigue on their journeys.
Effect: +1 bonus to all Movement, Direction, and Camping Checks

Traditional Knowledge
The minstrel has much knowledge from people he or she encounters on the journey, old songs from here and there, and so on.
Effect: You can gain further knowledge about information you see and hear.
Main Usage: Whenever you encounter new information.
Skills Used: Intelligence + Intelligence
Target Number: GM’s discretion

You play music that draws out the determination of your companions.
Once per scenario, you can memorize a new song. Choose one type of terrain or weather for the song’s category. However, if you don’t encounter that kind of terrain or weather, you can’t choose it.
Example: While traveling on “Rainy Grasslands” you can memorize a “Rain Song” or a “Grasslands Song.”

You can use Music under the same circumstances as the memorized song.
Example: While moving across Rainy terrain, you can use the “Rain Song.”

Effect: Each of your companions receive a +1 bonus to their next check.

Critical: The bonus becomes +3
Snake Eyes: Companions with a Condition lower than 6 take a “High: 6.”

Main Usage: Whenever the memorized song and your environment are the same. Each use consumes 1 HP.
Skills Used: Agility + Spirit
Target Number: By Terrain


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