Not in the Cards

Shaalbal, Red DragonNot in the Cards

I stumbled upon this excellent article about TSR’s collectible card game Spellfire. I played a little bit back in my early teen years, since I had played D&D for longer than I’d played Magic and the game had some appeal to me for that reason. Sadly, it was just a lackluster game in comparison to other options available at the time.


2 thoughts on “Not in the Cards

  1. That game was SO broken and so much fun. I had some cards that basically made my deck unbeatable, and I drove a friend crazy beating him every time. I also taught my then girlfriend’s young brother to play. As far as I know he brought all the remaining cards at the FLGS long ago. I wonder if he still plays it. Thanks for the memories!

    • No problem! I’ve been on a big nostalgic CCG binge lately. I may even pick up a case of Hecatomb here in the near future because unlike every other out-of-print CCG, it is really damn cheap.

      Sadly I don’t remember the rules to Spellfire very well, or many notable cards. I remember it being somewhat overwhelming in its massive selection of cards, which the article I link to mentions a bit.

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