Dungeon Grind

Many a year ago I read at least half a million webcomics. Sadly those halcyon days are largely behind me. However, I do read Dungeon Grind, by British creator Steve Dismukes. I love it.

Dungeon Grind follows Vykus, a goblin who seeks employment at Castle Evilgrim, lair of the arch-lich Xyziax. Vykus attempts to revive his career in much the same way the rest of us do: filling out an application!

Hilarity, as they say, ensues. Steve is adept at playing with the general conventions of Dungeons & Dragons-style roleplaying games as seen from the other side, without crossing too far over the fourth wall into “we’re in a game” territory that is prevalent in many other comedic fantasy RPG comics.

The characters are heartwarming. Steve writes and draws another, more serious comic called Dark Places (which unfortunately appears to be on hiatus), and he brings a lot of that subtlety to the humor of Dungeon Grind. The kobold Jeek is really someone you’d want as your best friend. Also, between Dungeon Grind and Dark Places, the kobolds are the best-drawn I’ve ever seen.

Vykus and Jeek

So check out the website. You can also start from the first strip. There are only 60 or so at the moment; it’s a great time to catch up!

Dungeon Grind updates every Monday and Friday. If you enjoy it, please vote for it on TopWebcomics.com. That will help Steve get some much-deserved exposure for his work. You can vote every 24 hours!