Getting into League: DeLUX Edition

For nearly five months now I have been a regular in the chat of DistractedElf’s Twitch stream. I recommend checking her out. I never thought I’d watch someone else play video games on a regular basis, but the chat is lively, Elf is fun and welcoming, and there are just a lot of good things to say about the experience.

One of the games she played most frequently was Dawngate, a MOBA that, sadly, announced its closing shortly after I joined. (Sorry, Elf and friends…) So I didn’t have much time to check it out. She began playing League of Legends–well, she got back into playing League, I should say–and I never paid much attention to it as a potential game I might play.

Then, a few weeks ago, the bug bit. I’m now endeavoring to be a not-terrible player. One of the characters I found interesting and approachable in the beginning was a mage named Lux. Sadly she passed out of rotation after I reached Summoner Level 6 and earned my way into the actual free rotation. I’ve been slowly saving IPs from my games in order to make her a permanent staple of mine. Tonight I finally reached that goal!

I’ve played quite a few games against AI bots; I’m not quite ready for primetime when it comes to facing other players. I’d previously heard from a lot of sources that League has a pretty awful player-base. Riot has allegedly been addressing this for some time now.

Despite that, most of the games I’ve played thus far have been pleasant. People have been friendly and understanding. Perhaps the work of Riot’s social scientists has paid off! (Not quite.) Nevertheless, there is a certain knowledge required to play League passably well, and I want to have those basics down to a comfortable degree before I start dragging the team down with me. If I am preemptive about being a better player myself, others may reciprocate.

A guy can dream, right?

I currently have three permanently unlocked Champions: Lux, a light-based mage; Sivir, a boomerang-throwing warrior woman; and Graves, who I haven’t played yet but I understand is a pretty decent selection in the current meta and he was on sale for a not-terrible price.

There’s a lot more going on under the hood than I originally anticipated. It’s not enough to simply kill enemy minions and Champions; there is a method to the madness. The last few days I’ve been watching tutorial videos on last-hitting and bot-laning and how to teamfight. ScrapComputer’s tutorial videos have been a blessing in this regard. Naturally, learning is one thing and implementing is another. Therein, as a Danish prince once said, lies the rub.

I don’t exactly have aspirations of professional play; I am mostly content to enjoy the game in my off time and eventually be able to hold my own with Elf and some of her friends in casual games. Should I mysteriously get good, well, I won’t complain.

This is also the start of my 500 words “series”. In order to stay up with the blog, and occasionally work on the actual craft of writing as opposed to vomiting words onto the screen, I’m going to post around 500 words a day. If something more substantial arises, I’ll be happy to use that as a daily post, but 500 words, minimum, about anything at all.

See you tomorrow.