Tilting at Turrets

While watching DistractedElf’s stream I’ve noticed several occasions where players perform poorly, get angry, and perform even more poorly as a result. In League parlance this is known as “tilting” or “going on tilt”.

I’ve graduated to intermediate AI matches, and today I experienced my first severe case of a team going on tilt.

We had two players in the game who decided early on the AI was “too OP” and we had a lost cause on our hands. Calls of “GG” and surrender votes began to pop up. The reason for our poor situation was that one of the players had fed an enemy Champion too much.

Rather than playing more tightly and paying attention, the two players in question decided to complain. Frequently. In the chat. When you’re chatting, you’re typing, and when you’re typing you’re not clicking on the field, improving your position, and attacking the enemy. You’re improving your WPM instead of your gameplay, and everyone else is losing. Considering a match in League takes an average of 30-45 minutes, that’s a frustrating amount of time to lose.

We all make mistakes. I’m pretty new, so I make more than a few to be honest. In one of my early games I initiated a surrender vote, thinking it would be better to just give up and move on to another game than wind up stuck in a losing position. Well, we didn’t lose, we won, and I felt bad about calling for the vote.

Thing is, when my vote got turned down, I didn’t start slamming the keyboard with piston fingers yelling at my teammates. I reevaluated and tried to play better. Maybe we were going to lose, I thought, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the best I’m able. I paid more attention to where my attacks were going, avoided feeding my enemies in-lane as much as possible, and thankfully the rest of the team was able to carry us to victory.

I know for a fact if those two players in the other game had done something similar, we would have won. Success isn’t guaranteed, especially when you’re playing against other humans who may be better than you, but this was an AI match and all we had to do was stop feeding Vladimir the crazy vampire guy. We did end up in a much better position at the end of the game when defeat finally came, but had we pulled together sooner it would have been a victory.

Moral of the story: stick with it. I’m sure there are legitimate times to surrender and realize you are outclassed, but rather than getting frustrated and letting yourself play poorly, step back for a moment, reassess, and do your best to tighten up your loose ends. You can’t control other players, but you can control your own game. Don’t go full tilt.

That’s pretty decent advice in situations outside of video games as well, though sometimes a bit harder to stick to. I may have some stories about that down the road.

See you in another 500 words.