Damn it. I’ve focused on making sure these posts go up every night, and that I stay on top of my personal health and hygiene, but I let schoolwork slip me by. I have to turn in some late assignments tomorrow. I got complacent because of the weather; we had a snow day and I foolishly didn’t think to check my university e-mail to see what we needed to do. I feel like such an idiot right now.

I’ll likely hear that excuse from students myself. I’m currently working on prerequisites for a graduate program in elementary education. I’ve been more lax than I should this semester, and need to pull it together. I’m not immediately in any danger of failing or even doing poorly, but this isn’t something I can just coast through. You might see some more posts on this in the future. Posts far more productive than this one, I hope.

A friend who is a teacher called me today. He is developing a method of teaching history akin to a roleplaying game and asked for my assistance. Game design hasn’t really been my forte, but I have more life experience with RPGs than he does (he used to be in my D&D group in college), so he’s looking to bounce some ideas around and I’m glad to help. It’s middle school, but the important thing is to keep it educational and also provide for students who don’t latch on to the concept very well.

It’s his project, so I won’t write about it overly much other than to say I like the idea, but we’ll have to wait to see how the execution goes. That’s still quite a few months away for him, though.

Anyway, I owe it to my future students to redouble my own educational efforts. It won’t do to set a bad example, even if teachers are only human. The school is awesome, the people involved are enthused about the subject matter and the practice of teaching. Most of the people teaching the course are themselves teachers somewhere on the K – 12 spectrum.

A good friend has told me on more than one occasion, if you can’t wrap your head around a problem, give yourself a bigger problem. I will keep up with these writings, I will make these writings something beyond just rambling, and I will start an exercise regimen and do better in school. I can do this. I have to do this.

I want to do some short fiction. I want to discuss language and linguistics. I’d like to get better at League of Legends and nerd out about some things. So, keep your eyes here and I promise I’ll get there soon. These 500 word posts are already coming much faster after less than a week of consistency; it is time to improve their quality in addition to their size.

For now I need to get some sleep. I ought to stop doing these at 2:00 in the morning.

See you in 500 words.