Life Is Strange: A Guide to the Optional Photo Achievements

I’m pretty proud of myself today: I wrote my first guide on Steam. It’s for the game Life Is Strange by Dontnod Entertainment, published by SquareEnix. There are ten “optional photos” you can have the main character take throughout the course of the game, and each one unlocks one of the game’s achievements. I’m a bit of a trophy nerd, and my friends who play don’t have all of them but love the game, so it’s partly for them and partly just to say I did it.

Life is Strange Guide

I don’t feel like it was a crowded market; the majority of similar guides are currently in languages other than English (Russian guides are pretty big on Steam). One of the English language guides is very succinct but lacks screenshots. I won’t claim my guide is some kind of magnum opus, but I like it.

If you play, check it out and please rate it if it was helpful to you!