About Me

Photo of Shaun

I’m Shaun. I sell comics at the moment and am working on getting into teaching. In my spare time I play video games, read, and muck about on the Internet like anyone else. I also dabble in more languages than is probably wise, but Japanese, German, and Polish are my major vices.

I do my best to actively support diversity and diverse creators & entertainers in my hobbies and the world at large. Check out my “Friends of the Gnoll” links on the main page for some awesome stuff by awesome people.

Otherwise, if you need to know something you can’t glean from my blog ramblings, ask!

About the Logo

My banner artwork currently features art from Joanne Renaud and Kaprika.

“The Gnoll’s Den” logo text was designed by Joanne Renaud, and uses the Twenty12 font created by Paul Sheetz.


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