Witch Hazel

This week I’ve made a project of taking better care of my facial hygiene. I mean, I wash my face in the shower, but I never actually take the time in the morning or evening to pay special attention to what’s going on. As a result I tend to have more blackheads and dry skin than I’d like, and I’m doing my best to correct that.

witchhazelbottleSo every evening I’ve begun washing, exfoliating, and using witch hazel! I love this stuff. It has a bizarre smell which I hesitate to describe as pleasant yet I suppose that is the right word for something I enjoy. It’s an astringent, which is a new word I learned meaning a substance that contracts the skin. Witch hazel causes your pores to tighten, making it more difficult for crud to build up inside of them. Some days I feel like the pores on my nose are the size of lunar craters, so it’s just the thing I’ve needed.

I’ve also taken to shaving every day instead of every 2-3 days. I told myself a little stubble doesn’t look too bad, but the routine is more important than anything else right now.

After only three days results are pretty good. My face feels softer, and I just feel better in general. Part of that is from actual cleansing, another from sticking to the routine. I have a bad habit of not following through on things; tiny steps in the right direction are a blessing.

Witch hazel gets used for a lot of things, from what I understand. There’s a tea you can drink, though you don’t make that from the stuff I’m rubbing on my face since that contains a lot of rubbing alcohol. Concoctions from the plant allegedly treat bruises and varicose veins and what have you. I’m personally incredibly skeptical of “natural medicine”, so I’m not endorsing any of this. The witch hazel I use smells nice, feels good, and appears to be working as a facial cleanser. That’s my personal recommendation. Plus it has a wicked name, which I confess easily sways me.

Regarding personal appearance and upkeep, improving my diet and activity are important next steps. I don’t intend to flood the blog with health posts, but there may be one on occasion. I like jogging and swimming when I actually goad myself into doing them. Like anything else, it’s an effort to rouse myself into action and–moreso–consistency.

I wasted my twenties not feeling good about myself and wishing I had done more. I turn 32 this year, so it’s time to stop wishing and start doing. It’s cliché, but I want to do better with the years I have left and not look back and regret so much in life.